Assault on opposition to weaken democracy: Devander Bushahri

Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary and spokesman Devander Bushahri speaking on the present political scenario said Disqualification of Rahul Gandhi leader of the Congress Party from the Lok sabha following his conviction in a defamation case raises serious questions about the manner in which the system is being run today.
Jurists have expressed their contentment on the verdict, this judgement is not only an assault on the opposition but also weakened the two pillars of democracy that is judiciary and the parliament.
Such is the current situation in the country that a cabinet minister who openly instigated a mob with the slogan ‘Goli Maaro Saalon Ko’ is roaming free, while a leader like Rahul Gandhi who walked nearly four thousand kilometer on foot to unite the nation is being convicted. This action against him has to be viewed as part of defaming and criminalizing the opposition and demolishing the democratic set up of the country.
The haste shown by the LS speaker and issuing letter to vacate Rahul Gandhi’s official residence seems a well orchestrated intrigue by the ruling BJP.
We appeal to the party workers to rise to the occasion and defend the opposition to protect the democracy.
Caste and religion based hegemonic politics  fathered by the BJP and its allies need to be tackled on the ground to defend the harmony among different religions of this great nation.

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