Shimla district records new 11 cases of Scrub Typhus: CMO

Issuing an advisory on Wednesday State Health Department warned people about the outbreak of seasonal mysterious fever, Scrub Typhus in Shimla district. Chief Medical Officer Shimla Dr. Surekha Chopra said in a press statement that 11 cases of scrub typhus have been registered in district Shimla so far which demands an urgent need to increase precaution among the people with increasing possibility of an outbreak in the rainy season.  

She said that Scrub typhus is an endemic disease that affects the external organs of the human body, which could lead to death if not treated in time.

” If a anybody has high fever, he or she should be immediately examined at the nearest health center as it could be scrub typhus. this disease is spread by the bite of a flea infected with a bacteria due to which fever arises and the body appears to be stiff or broken. ” CMO said.

 Due to its excessive infection, symptoms like lumps on the hips, under the neck, and arms are found.  

The Chief Medical Officer said that to prevent this disease, while working in the fields and bushes, cover the whole body, legs, feet, and arms and take special care of cleaning the body, and do not allow weeds to grow around the house and spray insecticides in and around the house.  

Dr. Surekha Chopra said that the facility of scrub typhus test and treatment is available free of cost in every health institution at the primary level in district Shimla.

It is worthwhile to mention that intimate hospitalization is necessary for the patient suffering from high-grade fever as infection spread in the internal organs and may result in death if not diagnosed in time, she added.

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