Cloudburst washes away 20 vehicles in Sangla Valley in Kinnaur

Nature’s fury continues in the state due to heavy monsoon rain as there are reports of the washing down of around 20 vehicles in Kamru village of Kinnuar district five km from Sangla on Thursday morning.

The incidents of cloudburst that occurred caused massive soil erosion in the Kamru village which huge loss to fertile lands and orchards have caused. Around 29 Vehicles parked on a road in the village washed down in the flash flood. Along with this, peas and other crops have also been destroyed.   The rescue operation was started by the district administration soon after the mishaps. Water and debris came on the roads.  Under the Chiragon area of the Rohru subdivision, a woman laborer working in the apple orchard got buried under a Landslide. 

On Wednesday half a dozen of vehicles were also washed away in the Chamba district and  Raison area of  Kullu district in the flash flood. Three people were also injured in the incident. 

   Due to heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla-Rampur National Highway including 73 roads, 224 drinking water schemes, and 990 power transformers have been stalled.

  A yellow alert has been issued in many areas of the state from 20 to 23 July.  There is a possibility of heavy rainfall in the state till July 25.

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