About Us

Himachal Headlines is an independent digital journalism initiative with a mission to bring objective news from the hills of Himachal to the world & vice versa.

Himachal Headlines team comprises of several subject matter experts on health, politics, environment, business, social, environment and law to data analyst, digital marketers, journalists etc.

Himachal Headline is presently available in two Indian languages, English and Hindi with dedicated teams on ground working on the same.

Himachal Headlines aim is to bring trusted unbiased professional stories affecting Himachal and its people across the globe .

Himachal Headlines team is based out of Shimla and we are a for-profit entity and gets its income from social platforms as well as contract work, media literacy, training as well as media content creation etc.

As an organization, we seek to be as diverse as possible, with a special focus on diversity — our news represents the issues and voice of all sections of society. We are participative in our approach to newsgathering. In today’s chaos, we bring trusted and unbiased stories backed with professionalism.