Himachal to focus on digital transformation so as to revolutionise delivery of government services

Chief Minister, Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that the utilization of digital technologies has brought a revolution in the delivery of government services, with rising aspirations of citizens regarding access to digital information and services. In a move to accelerate the digital transformation of Himachal Pradesh, the State Government has approved the renaming of the Department of Information Technology (IT) to the Department of Digital Technologies and Governance (DDTG).

The department will play a crucial role in implementing and managing various e-governance initiatives, such as online government services, digital payment systems, and other digital services. These endeavours aim to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and overall citizen experience in the government sector.

The department’s rechristening and broadened scope of work will strengthen its focus on core responsibilities, primarily utilizing digital technologies to improve governance and public service delivery. The new name reflects the department’s dedication to effectively meeting present-day needs through sufficient resources and a suitable structure.

Furthermore, it will boost investment in the Information Technology and Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector, promoting emerging technologies and attracting investments. It will also facilitate collaboration and partnerships among academia, industry and government to drive research and development in emerging digital technologies. It will also facilitate the government’s intention to establish IT parks in the State.

The Chief Minister expressed the need to align the department with the evolving digital landscape and changing requirements and emphasized that the name change would not only bolster the security of critical government information infrastructure but also ensure accessible and affordable digital infrastructure for all citizens, including those residing in remote areas.

To enhance the growth of the Information Technology industry in Himachal Pradesh, the government plans to assist in establishing a Venture Capital Fund, encouraging financial institutions to invest in emerging technologies and innovative business models, said the Chief Minister. The State Government also aims to promote the use of the latest technologies within various departments, including Drones, 5G Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, entitlement-based benefit delivery by integrating multiple databases, and the creation of an info-highway, he added.

 The Chief Minister said “The rebranding of the Department of IT to the Department of Digital Technologies and Governance signifies a noteworthy step towards a more digitally empowered Himachal Pradesh. The government’s strategic focus on digital transformation, reliable data, connectivity, and inclusive development underscores its commitment to leveraging advanced digital technologies for the betterment of the State and its citizens.”                        -0-

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