Schoolchildren should not be charged in public toilets of Rajgarh – Pawan Tomar

 In the old bus stand, Rajgarh, free service should be provided in the public toilets operated by the Nagar Panchayat, especially for the students. Up Pradhan of Kothia Jajar Panchayat Pawan Tomar has demanded this shelter from the Nagar Panchayat. He told that a large number of children from rural areas come to various schools to study, out of which most of the children are poor and cannot afford to pay ten rupees for going to the toilet.He Told that the public toilet has been given on contract by the Nagar Panchayat and Rs.5 to 10 is charged by the contractor for using the toilet. Especially the girl students coming from remote villages are not able to use the toilet due to lack of money. Pawan Tomar has urged the Nagar Panchayat not to charge toilet fees from the students wearing school uniforms keeping in mind the problem of school children. On the other hand, Nagar Panchayat Secretary Abhinav told that a good suggestion has come from Pawan Tomar, Up Pradhan of Kothia Jajar Panchayat and a concrete decision will be taken soon in this regard.

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