Mountaineer Baljit Kaur hurt by heaps of plastic waste in Churdhar Peak

Himachal’s daughter Baljit Kaur, the mountaineer who conquered Everest, the world’s highest mountain peak, is deeply hurt by the filth being spread in the religious place Churdhar and on the roads. Baljeet is so hurt that she has taken up the task of cleaning this religious place. Traveled to Churdhar on Sunday with my team. Along with having a darshan of Shirgul Devta, she also cleaned the garbage dumped by the tourists in the Chudhar forest. All shopkeepers, dhaba owners, and devotees were made aware of cleanliness in Churdhar. During this, Baljeet’s team collected about 35 kg of garbage from here and the garbage was filled in sacks and taken to Nauhradhar. All the devotees who met on the way were made aware of not spreading dirt on the roads while going to Churdhar. Baljit also urged the devotees not to throw empty bottles and polythene bags in the jungles, which carry food items in polythene envelopes and plastic bottles. Bring them home with you. Baljit Kaur said that there are still heaps of garbage in the forests of Churdhar. She will soon again start a big cleanliness campaign in the forests of Churdhar with a big team of hers.
On reaching Nauhradhar, Baljeet Kaur told that along with garbage, they found beer and liquor bottles at many places on the way. She said that during the journey have fun, sing songs, and do bhajan kirtan but the enjoyment done with beer and liquor is not liked in Churdhar. This deeply hurts the faith of thousands of people. Devotees also get the full cooperation of the local people during the journey. But the religious sentiments of the local people are being hurt by the people who are traveling after drinking alcohol for fun and in such a situation, these people will also stop helping the devotees.
Churdhar Yatra is at its peak these days. Not only Himachal, but thousands of tourists and devotees from different parts of North India are also reaching Churdhar. But people are throwing plastic bottles, plastic raincoats, wrappers of salty biscuits, and disposable glass plates here and there on the way. The number of people on the peak is continuously increasing every year. That’s why the garbage is increasing. While the government is making people aware of cleanliness, the lush green beautiful valley is being embraced by the people. On the other hand, the members of Chudeshwar Sewa Samiti have also appealed to all the tourists to take special care of cleanliness.

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