BJP is unnecessarily trying to create an atmosphere of anarchy in Himachal: Devendra Bushahri

Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary and Spokesperson Devendra Bushahri, reacting to the memorandum submitted by the BJP to the Governor in the past, said that the BJP is unnecessarily baking political bread on the recent Manohar murder case in Chamba and this peaceful state I am working to dissolve the poison of communalism.

Devendra Bushahri said that the state government, while taking immediate action, had ordered appropriate action to be taken by putting the criminals involved in the jail behind bars and the Chief Minister himself had taken strict cognizance of this episode. He said that appropriate steps have been taken by the government on this matter in time, but BJP is unnecessarily trying to create an atmosphere of anarchy in the state by giving importance to this matter to shine its politics, which is condemnable.

Responding to the questions raised by the BJP on the law and order situation against the present government in its memorandum submitted to the Governor, Bushehari asked the BJP to tell which criminal cases happened during the last 5 years of its government’s tenure. resolved and the affected get justice.

Accusing the BJP, the State Congress General Secretary said that instead of helping in the development of the state, its leaders are working to suspend the schemes that Himachal Pradesh gets from the central government and cut the funds received under various schemes. If BJP was a true well-wisher of Himachal’s development, it would have brought a special economic package from the Center during its tenure. But the previous BJP government failed to get any special help from the Center and left an economic burden of 75 thousand crores on the people of the state. Recently, out of the 14,000 crore loan amount sanctioned by the central government with the state in a spirit of revenge, it has also deducted 5,500 crore, which is a great injustice to the people of the state.

Devendra Bushahri said that instead of questioning the tenure of the Congress government formed in the state only for 6 months, the BJP should cooperate with the state government in the development of the state and help it get special assistance from the central government.

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