Exploring the Healing Waters: Famous Hot Water Springs of Himachal Pradesh

Discover the allure of hot springs nestled along the magnificent Beas and Satluj rivers in Himachal Pradesh. These therapeutic waters, surrounded by picturesque landscapes, have become sought-after destinations for tourists seeking both relaxation and healing.

Vashisht Hot Springs Located 6km from Manali town in Kullu, Vashisht Hot Springs boasts hot water emerging from granitic deposits, creating enchanting ponds amidst lush greenery. The water temperature ranges from 110°F to 123°F, attracting visitors seeking a rejuvenating experience.

Manikaran Hot Springs Situated 45 km from Kullu in Parvati Valley, Manikaran’s hot springs, positioned along the banks of River Parbati, are known for their high pressure and temperature. These springs, believed to have excellent healing properties, draw people from around the world seeking relief from ailments like muscular pains and arthritis.

Hot Springs at Tattapani Renowned for its pure Sulphur springs, Tattapani, meaning ‘hot water,’ is located 51 km from Shimla. Along the river Sutlej, these springs fluctuate in water level and are reputed for their therapeutic effects on bones and joints-related issues.

Khirganga Hot Springs Situated 26 km from Kullu, Khirganga offers a captivating trek through hilly terrain to reach its steep meadow. Legend has it that Kartik Ji, the elder son of Lord Shiva, meditated here. The uniquely white-colored water, enriched with Sulphur, is believed to possess medicinal properties, attracting Hindu and Sikh pilgrims.

Kasol Hot Water Springs of Kasol Nestled in the less-explored village of Kasol, these hot water springs, located 32 km from Bhuntar, are accessible via a 1km footpath. While the water temperature is comparatively lower, the scenic surroundings make Kasol an intriguing destination for those seeking a quieter hot spring experience in Himachal Pradesh.

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