Shimla Airport road, Poor management of traffic causing jams & air pollution : Shimla Nagrik Sabha

Shimla Nagrik Sabha has an ultimatum of three days time for district Administration to solve the dilapidated roads conditions of Shimla Airport road at Lower Tutu and Vijaynagar causing heavy traffic jams and air pollution every day.  T
SNS convener Vijendra Mehra and Secretary Kapil Sharma alleged that digging  of pipes is going with snail place wrecking traffic and air pollution havoc in the  Lower Tutu and Vijaynagar of Tutu area along Shimla Airport road.
SNS said in a press statement here today that heavy traffic jams and broken water pipes every day almost choked the road moreover parking and automobile workshops on the narrow road made impossible to excavate the ambulances and other vehicles for several days moreover students facing term end examination universities and schools are getting late for several hours.
He said that traffic jams are also being caused due to the excavation, water pipes drains and roads are broken at many places. The uprooting of old pipelines also forced people to face water shortage in the town. 
The contracts are indulged in reckless unscientific excavation on the side of the road depleting the environment and causing air pollution due to rising dust and soil in the entire area.  
He said that it is not a matter of a week or few days but the passerby and people walking on foot are braving this menace for the past one month. From morning to late evening people are facing great trouble due to frequent traffic jams  for more than an hour.  
The employees could not attend their offices in the morning as they are coming late on duty everyday and similarly they are reaching home late in the evening also. 
This is also causing loss of business to shopkeepers as the markets become congested. He said that the main reason for this traffic jam is the frequent digging of Tutu, Lower Tutu and Vijayanagar roads.  
SNS alleged that the road has dug up; several times in the last one year but it has never been paved and mettled after being dug.  Mr Mehra said that administration should conduct an inquiry as to why\
this road is not being paved.  
Warning the state Public Works Department that if the traffic jam does not improve shortly and road is not paved in time they would cordoned the PWD headquarter in protest against the laxity.

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