Priyanka Gandhi visits Hanuman Jakhu Temple at Shimla

All India Congress Committee leader Priyanka Gandhi who is now a resident of Shimla, visited this morning at Lord Hanuman Temple at Jakhu after the Karnataka verdict went in the favor of the party, dedicating the verdict to Bajrang Bali. 

A photo shared by the AICC leader on her Facebook page showed her meditating in the ‘Sahij Assana’ in the Lord Hanuman Mandir. She was here in a newly built cottage in the summer season when she got information that the party heading toward a landslide victory. A laminated picture of lord Hanuman of Jakhu was also presented to Ms. Gandhi by the Pujari (Worshiper) of Mandir and BJP activist Deepak. 

Ms. Gandhi released a few pictures on social media stating that she ”worship at Jakhu Hanuman Temple in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The message written in English said that she prayed for the Happiness, Prosperity, and peace of the people of Karnataka. ” May Maruti Nandan bless you all’ Hail Lord Bajrang.” 

Since the BJP has equated the Congress announcement in the Karnataka assembly poll to ban the far-right Hindu group ‘ Bajrang Dal’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a rally and seeking votes on the name of Hanuman in a Karnataka election rally had appealed to voters to defeat Congress being against the Bajrang ( Dal).  

Congress succeed to control backfiring of the announcement in the election as BJP tried to blow the people’s emotions by projecting Congress against Bajrang Bali and its devotees.  

It is not the first time that the Congress party took a soft Hindutva turn to check the party route in the election but soon after the victory of party 24 councilors in the Shimla MC election on May 4 also rushed to the same shrine and released photograph taken under the massive lord Hanuman statue on the Mount Jakhu. 

Ms Gandhi after shifting to Shimla residence has been rarely visible in public places however she has been celebrating the festival of Diwali at Shimla for the last three years. It seems that Priyanka gave a symbolic message to the PM by visiting one of the greatest abodes of Bajrang Bali in Shimla. The history shrine is the highest point of Shimla town dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The shrine of Hanuman is revered by the people as they believe that while taking ‘ Sanjeevani but Hanuman stayed at Jakhu for a moment.

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