Modi-Shah tried to topple the elected Himachal government with money and power : Priyanka

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi launched a strong verbal attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP on the second day of election campaign in Himachal Pradesh. He started his speech by hailing Chintpurni Mata and Lord Bholenath at Gagret in Una district. He said that BJP’s religion is only power and property. Modi and Shah tried to topple the elected government of the state with money power. Modi waived off the loans of his billionaire friends, but he has no money to waive off the loans of farmers.

After addressing the election rally in Kutlahar Assembly constituency, Priyanka took out a road show in Bhota and Badsar Bazaar in Barsar assembly constituency, in which she got immense public support. Priyanka sought votes for Lok Sabha candidate Satpal Raizada, Assembly candidates Rakesh Kalia, Vivek Sharma and Subhash Dhatwalia. He said that even today BJP is trying to destabilize the Himachal government. It is because of the determination and unity of our leaders that we are running the government even today. Those who wanted to go, it is good that they have gone, the truth should come before the public. At the time of disaster and attempts to topple the government, the truth of BJP came before the public. Modi uses religion in politics, does not do religious work. He has no respect for the public. Which religion are the BJP people the protectors of, who topple governments with money power and buy MLAs for crores of rupees? Do not support in disaster. What kind of Prime Minister is Modi, who completely denied the disaster in Himachal.

Priyanka said that BJP became the richest party in the world in ten years. It is important to know how this happened, donations were taken from big companies by threatening them. 6-6 by-elections are being held in Himachal, in which crores of rupees will be spent, but there is no money to give in the disaster. Modi government only worked to mislead the public for ten years. Himachal’s disaster was not declared a national disaster. The state government rehabilitated 22,000 affected families from its own funds. But, Modi government did not give a single rupee. Despite the economic crisis, OPS was given to 1.36 lakh employees, daughters and women above 18 years of age are being given pension of Rs 1500. Himachal is the first state to give MSP on milk, its Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu lives in harmony with the people. You have seen their work in disasters.

He said that Hamirpur parliamentary constituency MP Anurag Thakur is not visible to the public. He is seen in suits and boots in Delhi with his billionaire friends. Modi is also like this, he also does not go to his parliamentary constituency Varanasi. Their ideology is different. Former PM Indira Gandhi used to go from door to door to know about the problems of the people, people used to scold her also, but she never felt bad. Today’s Prime Minister should show some scolding. On one hand there is the ideology of assimilating with the country, while on the other hand there is the ideology of bringing down the government by spending Rs 100-100 crores in buying Congress MLAs. There is no trace of democracy in the country under Modi’s rule. There are 70 crore unemployed people in the country. Schemes like Agniveer are making the future of the youth bleak. Congress will close Agniveer scheme as soon as it comes to power. The daily wage under MNREGA will be Rs 400 per day. Will start urban MNREGA. Small business will be strengthened. The people of Himachal should be aware and vote on 1st June. Win all four Lok Sabha and 6 assembly seats, this should send a message across the country that the people of Devbhoomi do not tolerate money power politics. The people here are pious and decent, there is a sense of civilization among them. I also have a house in Himachal. People live a simple life and do not fall into lies much. The Congress government has served the people for the last one and a half years, but the BJP is not able to digest it. All our leaders are engaged in public service while BJP and Prime Minister Modi are doing politics, they did not take care of Himachal even during the disaster.

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