Anurag, please tell when will the train reach Talwara-Hamirpur: Sukhu

Apart from Satpal Raizada, Chief Minister Thakur Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu appealed to vote in favor of Rakesh Kalia, Vivek Sharma and Subhash Dhatwalia in Gagret, Kutlaihar and Badsar. He said that Anurag Thakur is leaving after becoming MP for 20 years, but neither the railway line has reached from Una to Talwara nor to Hamirpur. Anurag is running his politics with the help of lies. Modi and Anurag said ten years ago that the railway line will reach Talwara in a year, they should tell the public why the file is buried now. Manpower is the biggest power in democracy, hence the public should give a befitting reply to the lies and money power of BJP on 1st June. Gandhi family has deep ties with Himachal. Indira Gandhi made Himachal a separate state. Sonia Gandhi left the post of Prime Minister for the unity and integrity of the country. Nowadays no one leaves the post of Pradhan or Panch. BJP is busy serving lies after lies. But, his gait, face and character have been exposed. The Chief Minister said that Chaitanya tax was imposed on tea, pakoda vendors, petrol pumps, dhabas and shops in Gagret. No officer was ready to come to Gagret, one officer even told me to send Kaza but not to send Gagret. The officers were not ready to collect the commission money. Sellable MLA Chaitanya’s target was to earn Rs 15 crore every year, which was not possible due to our government closing the backdoors of corruption. This government will run for five years no matter how hard the BJP wants and the public service work will continue unabated. Neither BJP can snatch OPS nor will it be able to stop women’s pension of Rs 1500.

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