Congress accuses BJP of indulging in dirty politics 

The Ruling Congress party has accused the opposition BJP of indulging in dirty politics after politicizing the murder of a youth in the Salooni subdivision of Chamba district recently.

In a press statement issued here today, the council of ministers including Jagat Singh Negi, Rohit Thakur, and Anirudh Singh lambasted the opposition for politicizing and playing dirty politics on the murder of a youth in Salooni Sub-division of district Chamba and trying to flare up the issue.

Minister said that BJP is trying to blow the emotion of people and playing communal cards despite the fact that the law and order agencies were doing a thorough probe into the incident and had even arrested those involved in the heinous crime.

The police department after lodging an FIR immediately arrested the culprits and were probing into the incident.

They accused the BJP leader of trying to create unnecessary hindrances in the probe by indulging in rumor-mongering by creating false theories.

Govt also charged the opposition for disobeying the law and order by gathering in numbers despite section 144 imposed and trying to disturb harmony and peace.

The Police immediately arrested those involved after retrieving the body of the deceased and the government will ensure that the culprits be punished as per the law. 

The Chief Minister has directed a thorough investigation without leaving any loopholes and delays.

They said that on the direction of the Chief Minster, a police officer of the rank of the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) has been asked to access the situation and to prevent any untoward incident.

Ministers said that it was the responsibility of the Government to maintain law and order and the government was committed to providing justice to the family members of the decrease.

They said that giving a political hue to the brutal incident and indulging in cheap tactics to solve their ulterior motive. The opposition was paying no heed to the appeals to maintain peace and was flaring the sensitive issue.

They advised the BJP leaders to refrain from such petty politics and cooperate in the ongoing investigation and support the state government’s efforts to normalize the situation besides playing a positive role of responsible opposition.

They emphasized the commitment of the state government in actively pursuing the case and ensuring the safety of society.

The State Government was keeping a 24X7 vigil over the situation and is life to happenings. The opposition should refrain from inciting the people to take the law into their hands and aggravate the situation.  The opposition was trying to stir trouble for the law enforcing agencies as well, said the Ministers.  

Himachal Pradesh is known for its peace and fraternity and the people of all religions have stood by each other in good or bad situations, sharing cultural bonds for ages. 

 The Ministers advised the opposition to let such brotherhood prevail and not try to reap political gains by provoking the people in the name of caste, color, and creed. 

They also urged people to maintain peace and live up to the values of ‘Dev Bhoomi’ and not to get instigated and lured by the misleading claims of the opposition.

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