IAF Chinook helicopter airdrops JCB at Annandale Shimla successfully for rescue work

Indian Airforce Chinook helicopter carrying a JCB hanging from its hook airdropped it at Anadale helipad braving a thick cover of cloud on Tuesday afternoon. 

The correspondent saw a Chinook carrying the JCB in mid-air and braving the clouds around 1145 hrs on Tuesday. 

Helicopter after hovering over the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies returned back towards  Chandimandir airbase from Shimla carrying a heavy payload in the air. However later it made another attempt in the afternoon and it successfully grounded the mid-air JCB at Annandale in the same Chinook helicopter and later landed on the Annandale itself.

The JCB was expected to be used by the Indian Army to clear its roads in the state. However, BRO maintained most of the Border roads in the hill state at the Strategic location.

 NDRF also used the BRO machine to rescue the trapped bodies from the Shiv Baudi cloudburst site near Summerhill in Shimla.

NDRF rescued 432 People in the flood-hit area in the last 24 hrs at Adwani in Kangra also been deployed at Summerhill and Phagli yesterday and today. In a major landslide, a body was recovered from Krishna Nagar landslide from buried under a Salughther house debris.

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