10 teams of NDRF are engaged in relief and rescue operations in Himachal

The last three days of the Monsoon took more than 45 lives in Himachal Pradesh as various incidents of flash floods, landslides and building collapses, cloudbursts and incessant rains are on the rise in various parts of the state.

 Since the beginning of the monsoon season, teams of the 14th Corps NDRF are working day and night in relief and rescue work at different places in Himachal Pradesh where road mobile services are disrupted.

Currently, Ten teams of NDRF are engaged in relief and rescue operations including six in District Kangra Himachal Pradesh 03 teams in Indora, 01 team in Jwalamukhi and 02 teams in Fatehpur.

Three teams are engaged in the Shimla district including two teams in Summer Hill in district Shimla, where nine bodies are under the rubbles.  One team of NDRF was carrying out a rescue operation in  Kalaamb of district Sirmaur and one team in Dharampur of district Mandi.

  Incessant rains and cloudbursts for the last 03 days caused floods, landslides, and building collapse, and the water level of the Beas River has also increased a lot, due to which the water of Pong Dam has reached the danger mark and water is flowing continuously from Pong Dam.  

Water is being released Due to the release of water from Pong Dam, there is a danger of flood in the low-lying areas.  To evacuate people safely, 06 teams of NDRF are working day and night at various places in Kangra district under the guidance of Shri Baljinder Singh, a Fighter.

So far 67 people have been rescued by NDRF from the Jwalamukhi area, 138 people from Indora and 07 people from Fatehpur, and 4 dead bodies have been recovered from debris during landslide rescue ops from Summer Hill Shimla.

The morale of all the rescuers during the ops is very high and all the rescuers are deployed in the rescue ops with full enthusiasm.  Relief and rescue work is going on continuously.

. According to an NDRF press release two people may be buried in the Landslide it had pulled out a body of a worker from Lalpani last night.

NDRF also completed rescue operation at Phagli on August 15 in which five bodies and six persons were rescued.

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