Himachal government took Rs 4300 Cr loan in last three months: CM 

Himachal Pradesh Government today disclosed that the new government has taken a cumulative loan of Rs 4300 Crore in last three months of its rule and government is not hiding the state’s ailing economic condition from anyone as it believes in transparency. Chief Minister Sukhu was giving reply on the discussion on the state budget which he presented in the house on March 17, 2023 in the state assembly. He warned about the poor economic situation of the state, stating that maintaining the fiscal balance is not so easy task for him with in the given resources.

After taking over this government realised that it is very difficult to timely disburse the salary to the employees as We have inherited the total loan liability of Rs 75000 crore from the previous government in addition to Rs 12000 Cr of pending arrears of pensioners and other liabilities of employees of the previous government. He said that  Rs 10000 Cr total liability on the state government  was handed over to this government as the previous government announced in the last six months of election. 

Chief Minister stated that government has borrowed Rs 4300 Crore as the government in last three month as it took Rs 1300 Cr in December 2022, 1500 cr each in  January and February this year. He said that for any government it is not easy to allocate the budget for development schemes. Replying to the assertion made by opposition members he said that they have blamed the government for not implementing its guarantee. He said that in this budget including 1.36 lakh government employees the foundation has been laid in the budget to workout on the all the ten guarantees. He said that the government has given the guarantee of Rs 1500 assistance per month to women to be transferred in the bank account of 2.30 women till the end of this finance year. 

The guarantee was given to provide 30000 jobs to unemployed youth in the first budget and 90000 in the private sectors. He said that he did not close any institution which was opened before 1 April 2022 however number of Government schools which were upgraded during the previous Congress rule in his assembly constituency were closed by the former Jai Ram Thakur government. Mr Sukhu  lambasted the previous government that before six month of state assembly election BJP opened more than 920 institutions as  884 proposals were sent for approval and only 94 approved by the finance department of the government. he said that 62 proposals were presented for opening revenue institutions before the finance department but only one was approved by the department.  

He said that 600 educational  institutions opened by the previous government but none of them allowed by the state finance. He said that all the education institutions would continue by the government but policy decision to continue the education was taken which has 25 students. Terming this a divine power of former chief minister Mr Sukhu stated that  23 colleges were opened in six months without providing staff and budget provisions was made to only one college. He said that the college opened by the former rule in the assembly segment of Jai Ram Thakur was not denotified by the government giving relaxation of rule. 

He said that the government opted criteria for denotified schools, however 27 primary schools which did not qualify the criteria but not denotified by the government. 131 high schools were opened by the BJP government, all of them are still running . He said that of 382 schools opened by the government, only eight schools qualify the criteria of 25 students but this was allowed to continue by the government. He said that the Casualty of all hospitals in premier health institutions would have changed image in next few months. 

He said that the no doubt PAT scan is very costly but this government has made provisions for the same. He said that opposition members alleged that Robotic surgery is not feasible but the government has announced plans to provide this facility in some hospitals in the coming days. To achieve the Green energy state by 2025-36 two more components included in the government green incentive scheme as goods carriers and three wheelers would also get subsidy to convert their vehicles into electric components. 

The tenders for the First charging station, Shimla, Solan, Parmanoo, Bilaspur, Hamirpur and  Sujanpur Tira are being flooded soon he said adding that under ongoing Himcare and Sahara Yojana Rs 61 Cr was allocated in the present budget, both the scheme launched by the previous government. The Atal Adarshs Yojana was also provided Rs 30 Crore for opening up of  three new schools. Chief Minister said that CM Kanya dana yojana which was launched by the previous Virbhadra Singh Government and also run by the BJP government was also provided Rs 30Cr in the budget. In the history of 75 yrs of this hill state there was no precedence to lodge the protest outside the house but opposition came out with carrying iron chains to lodge their protest. He said that it is change in the system to allocated 10.17 hrs to the opposition leader. He said that the Opposition leader spoke on 1.17 hrs on the budget discussion.  In the mid of reply entire opposition went on the well of house and after some time staying on their seat they walked out of the house protesting over the chief minister’s reply. Nothing could be heard during the protest why they were protesting and walking out form the house.     

Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania said that total 52 members participated in the budget discussion and eight hours were allotted to 25 members of opposition and five to six hours to the members of treasury benches The later the house adjourned for the day.

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