We know how Indian courts works, SC judges have to address press conference : CM

 Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhivinder Singh Sukhu today took dig over the working of Indian court as he mentioned that on the issue of roaster four supreme court justices have been addressed at a press conference to criticize the working of former chief justice. 

The reference of courts came during the Budget discussion in Himachal Pradesh Assembly on Thursday when BJP member and former Speaker Vipin Singh Parmar tried to read out news of a court judgement about the conviction of a leader of the opposition party. Intervening over the reference Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that whatever has happened is not being considered so important today.

 ” We know how our courts are delivering judgements” Chief Minister said that no one is taking the development of what is happening in the courts. He went on stating that remarks made by the Parmar about senior Congress leaders should have been expunged from assembly records as it should not be gone in the Budget discussion.Mr Sukhu said that man member was was mentioning belonged to a family which gave the sacrifice of two member and who were the prime minister. 

”Before making remarks  and quoting some documents in the house, members should respect the sacrifice of this family and the reference about a person of such a family is not dignified.” leader of house arguing that remarks should be removed from the record of the house.The Chief Minister further added that Rajiv Gandhi was blown by the terrorists and former Prime minister Late Smt. Indira Gandhi also died for the cause of the nation. He said that four Judges of the Supreme court have criticised the working of the top court of the country by addressing a press conference which never happened in the history of Indian court so far. 

Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathania expunged the remarks made by Vipin Singh Parmar in the assembly stating that it would not go on the record of the house as the  judgement of the court which member mentioned is not final and it could be challenged and quashed by the higher court of the judiciary. The assembly witnessed minor exchanges on the issue however the speaker adjourned the house for the launch break. 

After the launch recess the speaker also gave ruling on the matter  that as per the rules of this assembly no documents could be read and referred in the house by the members unless it was not tabled in the house and speaker did not permit the member to do so. He said that members could not read the news clippings as it is not part of assembly records as well. Leader of Opposition Jai Ram Thakur also intervened on the issue stating that it is an open fact and everybody knows what happened and the chair should not restrict the members of opposition to refer or raise the issue which is already in the public domain. 

However, the Speaker rejected the remarks stating that he had already presented his ruling on the matter with respect to the conduct rules of the house proceeding and reference on any documents could not be allowed unless it is not the matter of house. 

BJP member Vikram Thakur also made some remarks about the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi without naming her. He said that members of ruling benches should understand why Smt Indria Gandhi died who supported Sikhi outfit leader Bhindranwale. He said that Bhindrawala had openly supported the Congress at one time to vote for the party. After the death of Indira Gandhi there were Sikh riots in the country. He said that members should understand the background of the death of Congress leaders. 

The speaker warned the BJP members to not digress from the budget discussion and should confine his deliberation on the budget.    

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