Martyr’s Day was celebrated across the state remembering Shaheed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh Rajguru Sukhdev

SFI, being a revolutionary student organization, considers martyr revolutionaries as its ideals. All the three revolutionaries had kissed the gallows while fighting for the freedom of the country and against the imperialist forces and had dreamed of a socialist system. That dream remains unfulfilled even today despite the country becoming independent.

SFI is moving forward to fulfill the dream of martyrs to establish a socialist, exploitation-free society, unity, brotherhood, equality, education for all and work for all. Under this, SFI celebrated Martyr’s Day across the state and various activities were organized in various colleges and universities.Blood donation camps were organized in Shimla University and state colleges, in which around 982 blood donors participated from across the state.

Seminars were organized in universities and colleges. In which the vision of Bhagat Singh, what kind of system he wanted to establish. In present perspect a detailed discussion was held on the economic and social situation. Street plays were organized in the universities and colleges of the state. In which the biography of Bhagat Singh and the importance of his thoughts in today’s time were shown.

Through all these activities, SFI celebrated the three-day Martyrdom Day and paid homage to the martyrs. And in the coming times also, SFI will continue to fight the revolutionary battle in the frontline to make the dreams of revolutionary martyrs come true.

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