Shimla Nagarik Sabha seeks immediate assistance to rain-affected people of Shimla town

A delegation of Shimla Nagarik Sabha met with the Additional Commissioner, of Municipal Corporation Dr. Bhuvan Sharmaand submitted a memorandum regarding the heavy loss of life and property in Summerhill, Krishna Nagar, Fagli, and other areas of Shimla city. 

 The SNS has demanded immediate financial assistance and proper accommodation for the families affected by the heavy rains.

Convenor of SNS Sanjay Chauhan and co-convenor Vijender Mehra has said that due to heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh, there has been terrible devastation.  The disaster has broken all records in Shimla city.  Within two days, more than two dozen people have lost their lives in Summerhill, Krishna Nagar, and Fagli of Shimla.  

Dozens of buildings in the city have been razed to the ground.  Many roads and roads have been broken and are closed.  The public is facing a lot of problems due to this tragedy.

 He has demanded from the administration that the affected should be given financial assistance immediately.  Proper arrangements should be made for their makeshift residences.

 All assistance including rations, medicines, books, and clothes for the children pursuing education should be made available immediately to the affected. 

 Houses of those razed to the ground, arrangements should be made for their residences immediately in vacant houses and other government residences built under the Rajiv Awas Yojana. 

 Trees proving to be a serious threat to life and property in the affected areas should be cut immediately.  He has demanded immediate restoration of both the damaged roads and the railway track, which were victims of the horrific disaster in Summerhill.  

He has demanded that for the convenience of the university, other offices, and the public in Summerhill, a large HRTC taxi should be operated continuously from Baluganj to Advance Study Chowk ITI to Summerhill and back.  

He demanded proper drainage of water from the park in Krishna Nagar to protect the surrounding buildings.

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