People of two panchayats are facing trouble due to the closure of Ranaghat bus service

Due to the closure of the Ranaghat-Devathi-Rajgarh bus service for the last two months, the people of the two panchayats of the area, and especially the school children are facing a lot of trouble. Many people including Ranaghat residents Jeevan Singh Tomar, Om Singh, Indra Singh, and Pratap Singh told that for the past few years, this bus service reaches Ranaghat Devathi at 3 pm via Dhar Bagheda from Rajgarh. Jeevan Singh Tomar told that about forty children of Ranaghat, Dhaila Devathi, and Dhaya Patli go to Shargaon every day to study. All these are built near the children’s bus. Due to the non-availability of buses, the children come to Government Senior Secondary School Shargaon after traveling about 12 kilometers on foot to get an education and reach back home by climbing 12 kilometers in the evening. He told that most of the time of the children is spent walking, due to which the children are not able to do their studies. On the other hand, the people of the area have to go to Rajgarh for court appearances and other government and private work, but people are facing a lot of trouble due to the stoppage of the bus service.
On the other hand, HRTC station in-charge Rajgarh Virendra Chauhan says that the bus service has been stopped due to bad road conditions. Told that due to the closure of this route, the Corporation is incurring huge losses. When talked to Yogesh Kumar, assistant engineer of the Public Works Department, he said that the road from Kot place of Rajgarh Habban road to Dhar Bagheda, about two kilometers of which comes under Panchayat till Koti bridge, whose condition is not good. While the road ahead of it comes under Lonivi, on which the rains and landslides have been cleared. Whose appreciation letter has been given to the Divisional Office.

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