Congress minister confirms lack of coordination between government and officers: Verma

 BJP State Spokesperson and MLA Balbir Verma said that today the senior minister of Congress has accepted that there are many lapses in the Himachal government, due to which the development works in Himachal are getting hampered.

It seems that the way the government makes projects for Himachal, they change as soon as they reach Delhi, so it can be considered that there is lack of coordination between Himachal government and government officials.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is already saying that there is a lot of lack of coordination in the Congress government and today’s allegation by a senior Congress minister confirms this.

We would like to tell that many such projects were made during the Bharatiya Janata Party, which were given to Himachal Pradesh, but these projects have not been completed yet.

The central government wants to give various types of funds to Himachal Pradesh, but due to non-completion of the files, that fund either lapses, or does not reach Himachal Pradesh at all and those funds which reach are not properly utilized on the ground.

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