Appointment of deputy chief minister and CPS unconstitutional: Jamwal

BJP State General Secretary and Bilaspur MLA Trilok Jamwal said that BJP has filed a petition in the State High Court against the appointments of Chief Parliament Secretary by the State Government and has challenged these appointments.

He said that the CPS is an office of profit and these appointments are against the constitution. The former Congress government had made appointments to the CPS once before, which was canceled and after that, the present government has again repeated the same mistake regarding this petition. Senior advocate Satpal Jain is our counsel.

He said that we are 100% sure that we will get justice, we have full faith in democracy and the judiciary. Soon all the CPS will have to leave their posts, restrictions have been imposed in the constitution regarding the Council of Ministers for small states.

The state government should work keeping in mind the constitution.

He said that look at the Constitution, there is mention of the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers in the Constitution, but there is no mention of the post of Deputy Chief Minister.

The state government has made many appointments only to adjust its leaders, but all these appointments are against the constitution.

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