Fagu Dharech road turning into potholes – the department is not taking care – SR Sharma

The Dharech Fagu road, which comes under the Kasumpti constituency, has turned into a pothole. The Public Works Department is not taking any care to repair this road. Kasupanti BJP Mandal Secretary Shivram Sharma said in a statement issued on Sunday that the Fagu-Dharech road with a length of only 13 kilometers is the oldest road in the region on which innumerable people of six panchayats of the region and bordering Sirmour district started coming and going. lives. Apart from this, Dhamandari Road and Tiyali Nahol Road are full of potholes. Told that due to the rain, very deep potholes had formed on the road at many places. Due to this, the chambers of small vehicles ring in many places.
SR Sharma said that during the delimitation, six panchayats of Theog area were included in the Kasumpanti constituency. The present government has cut these panchayats from Theog and merged them with Jal Shakti Sub-Division Koti and Public Works Sub-Division Mashobra, due to which people are facing a lot of problems. They allege that Theog is only 23 kilometers away from Dharech and other involved panchayats. While Koti and Mashobra are at a distance of about 40 kilometers from this area. The most important thing is that there is no direct bus service available from these Panchayats to Koti or Mashobra. In view of the problems of the people, the former BJP government had opened patwar circles in Satog and Satlai, which have been denotified by the present government.
Assistant Engineer Lonivi sub-division Mashobra Pankaj Sharma said that the roads will be repaired after the rains. Apart from this, there is a plan to put Fagu-Dharech road under NABARD as the movement of vehicles on this road has increased.

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