HRTC Solan charges half tickets for a 2.65 kg bag

A conductor of HRTC Solan, by deducting half the ticket for a bag weighing two and a half kilos, has presented living proof of the change in the government’s system. While in air travel, no extra charge is taken for 15 kg of baggage along with the ride. Citing the new orders of MD HRTC, the bus conductor Bobby shook his head. Let us tell you that on September 2, a person had to send medicines for a patient to Peeran in bus number HP-14A-6375 running from Solan to Peeran Thund at 3 p.m. The driver-conductor at first refused to keep the envelope in the bus. On repeated requests, the conductor Bobby cut off half the ticket in a huff and took 60 rupees. On reaching Peeran, the bag was weighed and found to be 2 kg 65 grams.

Similarly, a senior citizen of Peeran village and retired soldier KD Sharma says that such incidents have happened many times with him. Told that a few days ago, a box of luggage from Solan was put on the bus in this bus. Seeing the possibility of rain, they were not even allowed to put a tarpaulin on the belt, and instead of respecting the elderly, the conductor insulted all the passengers. In another incident, a 10-liter bucket of paint was deducted from Giripul by KD Sharma. Former Pradhan Dayaram Verma says that once during the journey in the Thund bus, the conductor did not give tickets to three passengers from Jaghed. In his protest, the ticket was deducted. Dayaram Verma and KD Sharma say that the employees deliberately want to fail this route.
In the revised baggage rates issued by MD HRTC on August 21, 2023, a passenger can carry thirty kilograms of luggage free of cost. Even there is no rent on gift boxes of 20 kg apples. A fare of 1/5 of the total food has been fixed on a box of apples full of flowers. The new orders mentioned by the conductor, there is nothing like this in the new charges, it is only a matter of tarnishing the image of the corporation. RM HRTC Solan dear Ranjan Chauhan said that the conductor should have cooperated. He assured me to investigate this.

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