Government should solve the problems of gardeners in time: Chetan Bragta

Recently, there is a state of confusion with resentment among the gardeners regarding fixing the weight of the apple box at 24 kg by the state government. The government should solve this in time so that farmers and gardeners can sell their produce as per their wish without any worry. State BJP spokesperson Chetan Bragta said this by issuing a press release.

He said that if apples are sold on the basis of kg, the gardener is happy with that, but according to today’s system, the gardeners are getting 22 kg money on 24 kg box.

Which is absolutely wrong, the gardeners are not able to digest this thing. But under which formula the reduction of 2 kg per box is being done, the government should tell the gardeners in detail about this.

Chetan Bragta said that without ground work, without gathering information about facts, such decisions by the government without any discussion are becoming harmful for the gardeners.

He said that the kind of chaos that is being seen in the mandis at present, it seems that

The jobbers and traders here can also migrate to the outer markets. Because of which the state will also have to bear the loss of revenue.

He said that the autumn has taken a formidable form in the gardens of the gardeners, due to which there is a possibility of a lot of loss to the gardeners.

He has demanded from the Horticulture Minister that soon a team of experts from Nauni University should be sent to horticulture dominated areas and after knowing the reasons for autumn, the problems of the gardeners should be solved.

Chetan Bragta said that apple season has started in the low lying areas. The government should open the closed roads soon so that the gardeners can easily reach their produce to the market.

He said that I have to say with sadness that instead of solving the problems of the horticulturists, the government is busy in confusing the horticulturists.

On the one hand, this government calls itself horticulture friendly and on the other hand, it increases diesel by Rs. Due to which the rent will also increase.

Chetan Bragta said that none of the cabinet ministers in the state government from district Shimla is showing any interest in the problems of the gardeners. The Congress leaders who were well wishers of the gardeners while in the opposition, why have they all disappeared despite their government today. It seems from the behavior of all these leaders that they have nothing to do with the gardeners.

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