Lungru is not only a vegetable but also a mine of medicinal properties

 In rural areas these days people are enjoying the vegetable of Lungru. The most important thing is that Lungru is not grown, rather this herb grows on its own, especially in moist areas, forests, or on the banks of ravines. Lungru is completely natural and organic, which is nutritious as well as full of medicinal properties. At present, the people of rural areas have also made it a means of their additional income. Throughout the day people collect Lungru from the woods or ravines and have started selling it in the market after making bunches. People here have been eating this vegetable that grows naturally in the mountains for decades. Where Lungru is born automatically in the lap of nature, away from chemicals. Vegetable seller Suresh Kumar told that nowadays there is a lot of demand for Lingud among the people. As soon as a person from the village comes to sell Lungru vegetables, Lungru is sold hand in hand.
Ayurveda expert Dr. Joshi told that Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, potassium, copper, iron, fatty acid, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, carotene, and minerals are present in abundance in Lungru. Very few people know that this vegetable is also rich in many medicinal properties. Let us tell you that this thing has come to the fore in the preliminary research of Lungdu or Lungru started a few years ago at the Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (IHBT), Palampur. It was also discussed in the national seminar of the institute. Due to the abundance of iron and magnesium found in Lungru, it has been considered a good source for dealing with malnutrition.
Lungru vegetable is found in the mountains from June to September. According to Ayurveda experts, Lungru or Lingud protects a lot from skin and diabetes. This keeps the skin good. Lungru is also considered good for patients with heart etc. The most important thing is that Lingud is completely natural. Lungru has the power to fight many diseases including diabetes.
Dr. Joshi told that innumerable species of Lungruhave been detected in the mountain ranges of the Himalayas. Preliminary research in these has shown that Lungru is a mine of medicinal properties, which especially protects against diabetes and malnutrition. Apart from Himachal, Lungru is also known as Lingda in Uttarakhand. In the past, Lungru and Chuch grown in water were the main vegetables of the villagers, but at present, the young generation does not like the vegetables grown in the lap of nature, while natural vegetables get rid of many diseases.

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