Himalayan gooseberry pickle high in Vitamin C

Himachal Pradesh is abode of rare fauna and flora, the wonder and rare herbs and medicinal plants are found in abundance. The unique climatic zones and its weather system support varied natural wealthy growing in  its tropical, temperate and Alpine climate. Himalayan Amala or gooseberry is king of pickle in the state as it was being prepared in every household to be used round the year. Medicinal value and safe and enrichment of Vitamin-C and detoxification of blood, improvement of skins and hair health it was consume to relish taste as the great purgative and mouths fresheners. Gooseberry is integral part of Triphala used for various ailments belonged to blood purification and health supplements. State local gooseberry excel the generic species of this medicinal fruit as its taste and less water content extends many fold benefit. 

Recipes of Gooseberry pickle :

  1. Three kg Phari medium size ripen gooseberry 

2. Half liter Mustered Oil

3. 300 gm Fenugreek Seeds

4. 50 gm Raw Sonf 

5. 25 gm Kashmiri mirch

6. 10 gm red dry chili

7. 50 gm Onion seeds 

8. 200 gm Salts

10. Two gm asafoetida

11. 20 gm Ajwain

12. 10 gm Zinger power

13. 5 gm Kalimirch 

14. 10 gm cumin

Procedure of making Gooseberry Pickle. Semi- boils washed Gooseberry for ten to 15 minutes in semi- lid container or pressure cooker till whistle was about to blow. Cool the semi boiled Gooseberry and separate it from the left out water. Dry semi boiled gooseberry for two to three direct sun in clean containers or clothes. The dry semi boiled Gooseberry should be separated from stone seeds. It may be dry in the sun for one to two hours. Separately dry roast Fenugreek Seeds, Somf, Ajwain, Dry red chili, Onion seeds and cumin till dehydrate. Fenugreek Seeds should grinder partly provide it did not become powdery. If Fenugreek Seeds grinder fines in powdery. Discard powder Fenugreek Seeds filtering it in mesh. All others spices should also grind partly. Take Mustard oil in a pan and heat it till it become too hot till  smoke cease coming out. Cool the oil for ten minutes. Mix semi grind Fengu Seeds, mix it with Salt, semi grind other spices including Kashmiri mirch and half grind red chili, ginger powder, asafoetida and put the dry seedless Gooseberry in the oiled mixture mix it on low flame for ten minutes. Cool the pickle before it should be Store in the dry and clean lid jars. It is ready to use. 

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