Mesmerizing Tulip garden at CSIR-IHBT has been opened for public in Palampur

Tulip is a tuberous cut flower that has huge International and domestic demand. It ranks third in the world’s top cut flower trade. Under the mission, the institute has been planting these beautiful flowers in its premises for the last two years. This year 50,000 tulip bulbs of 6 varieties of various vibrant colors have been planted in the garden. The garden, after its opening, is expected to attract a large number of visitors from within and outside the state thereby promoting scientific tourism. Last year, over 70,000 visitors from across the country visited this exquisite tulip garden. This time, far more number of visitors are anticipated. On the opening day itself, under the Jigyasa programme more than 200 students and 12 teachers from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Bhanala (HP) visited the garden. It is pertinent to mention that this garden is the first tulip garden of the state.
CSIR-IHBT started experimental trials on flower and bulb production of tulip in the Lahaul valley of Himachal Pradesh for its commercial cultivation. To begin with, several farmers from cooperative societies such as Yaani Mahadev Floriculture Society, Madagran; Pattan Valley Floriculture Society Limited, Shansha; and Tinan White Mountain Floriculture Society Limited, Jangla, were trained and empowered to cultivate tulips. They are now engaged in tulip cultivation for bulb and flower production, and are reaping benefits.
The Institute is making a significant endeavour to offer new opportunities for attractive income generation to entrepreneurs and farmers engaged in the cultivation of these flowers and to make India self-reliant in tulip bulb production to meet the domestic demand of the country. The institute aims to produce tulip bulbs to meet the annual domestic demand of the country for the next 7-8 years and make India self-reliant in this aspect.

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