Women of Peeran Panchayat became runner-up in tug-of-war

The women of Saraswati Social and Cultural Organization of Peeran Panchayat, the last end of Mashobra block, surprised everyone by showing their talent at the Bhajhol fair, Banalidhar. Let us tell you that a women’s tug-of-war competition was organized at the rural fair in Banalidhar of Rajgarh block located on the border. In which the women of the organization participated under the leadership of Captain Ranjana Thakur. In this competition, women participated in the organization’s attire in a disciplined manner. While women from other groups participated in normal attire. The women of this organization stood second in the final. Whereas the women’s team of Jimidhar had secured the first position.
Head of the organization Ranjana Thakur said that the first effort of the women of the organization has been quite successful due to which they have got a good exposure to showcase the talents hidden within women. He said that the objective of the organization is to make the women of rural environments self-reliant as well as to participate in various cultural and social activities so that women can rise above the four walls of conservatism and live a respectable life in society.
Treasurer of the organization Manju Thakur said that the fair committee president Inder Singh, Suresh Sharma Kishan Verma, and other members had made excellent arrangements for the women’s stay, for which the women of the organization have expressed gratitude to the fair committee. Apart from Ranjana Thakur Captain, Manju Thakur, Meera Verma, Reena Verma, Kiran Thakur, Neha Verma, Sarita Sharma, Daywanti, Veena Kumari in the tug-of-war team, the participating women included Kanta Sharma, Amita Mehta, Kamlesh Thakur, Bela Verma, Kusum. Lata Sharma, Anita, Nisha Kumari Madhu Sharma, and Nisha were present.

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