Himachal has not received any special financial assistance from the Central Govt till date: Pratibha

State Congress President and MP Pratibha Singh has said that rehabilitation of people affected by heavy rains and landslides is the priority of the government. She said that the government would provide all possible help to the affected people.

Today, after taking stock of the landslide-destroyed buildings in Ani main market and Pokhri Panchayat of district Kullu, she met the affected people and heard their pain and suffering. She directed the local authorities to immediately select a suitable place to settle the people whose buildings had been completely destroyed and who had become homeless, as per the guidelines of the state government.

Expressing grief over the property destroyed due to a landslide in Ani, Pratibha Singh expressed her condolences to the affected people and said that this natural disaster has caused a huge loss of life and property in the state. She said that we would have to be alert so that such a loss does not happen in the future. She said that along with development, we also have to worry about environmental protection. She advised the people that they should give priority to the construction of disaster-resistant buildings as per the planning of their building architect and the condition of the mountain so that such natural disasters can be avoided.

Pratibha Singh said that till now the state has not received any special financial assistance from the Central Government. She said that she has made a plan to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the special session of the Lok Sabha in which she wants to declare this disaster in the state as a national disaster and demand special financial help for relief and rehabilitation works. She said that he hopes that in view of the difficult financial condition of the state, the Prime Minister will issue special financial assistance to the state to deal with this terrible disaster.

During this, District Congress President Sesram Azad, Yadvendra Mishra, and many other party officials were present with him.

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