Water level of the Giri River increased by four meters this rainy season

 For the past few days, when the river drains have been in spate due to more than normal rains, there has been an expected increase in the water level of the Giri River. According to the measuring instrument by the Central Water Commission located at Maryog, due to the heavy rains on July 11 this year, the maximum water level of the Giri River has been recorded at about four meters, which is believed to be the most increased water level of this rainy season. While these days the water level of the Giri River has reduced to about two and a half meters.
Pramod Kumar, in charge of the Central Water Commission’s office at Marayog, said that on September 20, 2008, there was a maximum flood in the Giri River, whose water level had risen to seven meters. This record has not been broken to date. During the rainy season of 2022, most of the water level of the Giri River was recorded at only two and a half meters. Told that due to the flood this year, water measuring gauges were also washed away in the river. Due to this, the water level has been measured from the marks placed on the side of the bridge.
Elders of many villages living on the banks of the Giri River told that in the past when there was a lot of flood in the Giri River, which was measured by the villagers from the huge rocks lying in the river. On whose sinking people used to sacrifice goats or sheep on those rocks.
Pramod told that keeping in view the height of Yashwantnagar above the sea level, the zero standard gauge has been fixed by the Water Commission at 895 meters and the water level is measured on the basis of this standard gauge. Referring to past records, he said that the highest flood of 903.80 meters was recorded on September 20, 2008, in the Giri River. Whereas on May 5, 1995, the highest discharge level was recorded at 1787.59 cusecs. He said that the catchment area of ​​the Giri River is 1349 km.
He told that the Central Water Commission has now installed an automatic satellite camera in the Giri River of Yashwantnagar, whose connection is directly connected to the Divisional and Sub-Divisional Office of the Water Commission, Delhi. Through this automatic camera, the daily report of the water level of the river goes to Delhi, where it is monitored by experts.

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