UPA seized 35 lakhs from the corrupt, we seized 2200 crores: Kashyap

BJP’s Shimla parliamentary constituency candidate Suresh Kashyap sought support from the public in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and expressed the need for Narendra Modi to become the Prime Minister of the country for the third time. While interacting with the people of Theog assembly constituency, Kashyap discussed in detail the problems of the area and his programs to solve them.

He said that Congress wants to take away the reservation of Dalits, Mahadalits and Adivasis and give it to Muslims, this country will not allow such actions to continue. BJP has made equal development of the country and all the castes under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While the progress of the country got wings, the castes also got their rights, this happened for the first time in the country.

He said that PM Modi will risk his life, neither will he allow the Constitution to be touched nor will he allow the reservation to be taken away, he will not allow reservation to be done on the basis of religion. Prime Minister Modi does what he says and the Congress party does not do what it says. Lying and misleading the public is in the blood of Congress.

He said that UPA seized Rs 35 lakh from the corrupt, we seized Rs 2200 crore, in the ten years of UPA from 2004 to 2014, only Rs 35 lakh was seized in the raids on the corrupt. That means that money should be filled in a school bag. Those who stole were still stealing. When PM Modi conducted the search, Rs 2200 crore was seized in ten years. Thieves have lost their sleep due to this. That’s why the corrupt are abusing PM Modi.

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