Under Congress rule, the contractors were under control, water was thrown on PWD Superintending Engineer: Bindal

BJP State President Dr. Rajeev Bindal said that the incident that took place in Joginder Nagar of Mandi district has exposed the government.

He said that the way some Congress leaders enter the room of the Superintendent Engineer of the Public Works Department, lock the room from inside, they surround it with a senior officer and what happens inside the locked room. -What obscenities are there and how officers are threatened and intimidated by throwing water on their faces, this is highly condemnable.

He said that this incident is indicative of how much the bullying of contractors has increased during the Congress rule and there is no control of any kind within the present Congress government. Only nepotism is running rampant.

If this is the situation of a Superintendent Engineer level officer, then what is the courage of the Junior Engineer and SDO to say something in front of the Congress leaders, this situation is extremely pathetic, worrying and is hindering the development of the state.

He said that a Congress leader entered his office along with a superintending engineer of PWD and not only held him hostage along with his contractors but also threw a jug of water on them. The Superintending Engineer has also complained about this incident to SP Mandi, on which the administration should take strict cognizance.

The matter is of Joginder Nagar. According to our information, in Joginder Nagar, a Congress leader along with his contractor supporters held the Superintending Engineer of the Public Works Department hostage in his office and during the argument, threw a jug of water on him due to which the atmosphere was quite tense.

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