Suresh Kashyap raised his voice regarding Solan Meenas Road, Chaila Neripul Kumharhatti Road, and Sarahan-Chandigarh Road

Former BJP State President and MP Suresh Kashyap met Union Minister Nitin Gadkari in Delhi, along with Sirmaur BJP leader Baldev Bhandari.

A detailed discussion was held in the meeting for the upgradation of Solan Meenas Road and Chailla Neripul Kumharhatti Road.

Kashyap submitted before the Union minister that in 2016 when Gadkari visited Himachal Pradesh, these two roads were declared as National Highways along with some other roads.

Both these roads pass through Rajgarh which is the interior of district Sirmaur. Rajgarh is also known as the Peach Valley of Asia and is famous for off-season vegetables.

Solan Minas Road which passes through Rajgarh Sub Division used to be State Highway No. 6 and was constructed between 1958-1962. Since then the traffic volume has increased manifold. This road connects Solan in Meenas to Uttarakhand which is situated on the Tons River (a tributary of the Yamuna River).

This road is the lifeline for the people of the remote subdivisions of Rajgarh, Renuka, and Shillai. District Sirmaur has five subdivisions and this road passes through three subdivisions, thereby covering more than fifty percent area of ​​district Sirmaur. But even after more than fifty years have passed, the condition of the said road has not improved. The width of the road has not changed since its inception. The road is very narrow and accidents happen throughout the year. The Rajgarh area is also very beautiful and a lot of tourists also visit this area throughout the year. The famous Churdhar Peak and Gurudwara Baru Sahib attract visitors throughout the year. It is the main road that connects the people of the area to Shimla and Chandigarh.

Another important road passing through the Rajgarh division is the Chailla Neripul Kumharhatti road which is also the lifeline of the apple-growing region of the district. Eighty percent of Shimla district’s apples go to Shimla through this route.

Multiaxle trucks loaded with apples and other fruits ply on this route to deliver the fruit to different corners of the country. Due to the narrowness of the entire stretch of road, there is a traffic jam for a long time, causing a lot of inconvenience to the general public and also causing huge loss to the farmers, as their produce does not reach the market in time due to the bad condition of the road.

Kashyap requested the minister that these roads needed immediate upgradation. The development and progress of the region is not possible without good connectivity. If it will take time to give the status of National Highway to these roads, then it is requested that funds should be made available under CRF for widening and improving the condition of these roads.

Raising another demand, Kashyap said that the Sarahan-Chandigarh road is a main road of Pachhad Vidhansabha, District Sirmaur which directly connects Pachhad Vidhansabha to Chandigarh- Haryana and Punjab. The length of this road is 42 km. This road has been built for many years but at present the condition of this road is very pathetic. Through this road, the population of about 15000 people of 8 Panchayats of Pachhad Vidhansabha gets the facility of traffic. Due to a lack of funds, the condition of this road has become very bad.

All the private and government land coming on this road is in the name of the Himachal Pradesh Public Works Department. A few years ago, when the Center had announced 68 National Highway, this road was also included in it, but no work was done for that either.

Kashyap requested Gadkari to provide the necessary funds from CRF for this road. For this, all the people of the area will be grateful to you.

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