Restoring Lok Sabha membership to RaGa is the victory of truth over evil: Congress

State Congress unit hailed the recent decision of the Supreme Court of India which has taken the decision to restore  Lok Sabha membership of Rahul Gandhi.

Terming the decision of the apex court a victory for truth over evil Senior Congress leader former Minister Ram Lal Thakur, Former MLA Satpal Raizada, and State Congress General Secretary Devendra Bushahri said in a joint statement that this victory of democracy and Constitution in the country.

Hailing the motto of SC ‘Satyamev Jayate: they said the decision of the Supreme Court proved that the voice of opposition could not be grabbed since the Constitution is still alive today.  

” This is not only the victory of Rahul Gandhi, it is the victory of the people of the whole of India, the victory of democracy and the principles of the Constitution.  ” Party leaders said.

Showing concern over the frequent incidents of intimidating opposition leaders under the present BJP rule they said that a conspiracy is being hatched to target person Political leader who speaks against the government as under a good plan attempt are being made to suppress their voice.

 Ram Lal Thakur said that the Supreme Court’s decision to restore the Lok Sabha membership of Rahul Gandhi was a welcome decision that sent a message to the people across the country that the opposition leader could not be kept from the legislature by tweaking the norms.

Congress leaders hoped that Rahul Gandhi would also be exonerated from the charges by the session court as efforts are being made to make fabricated allegations.

 He said that the people of the country now understood how BJP is dealing with constitutional organs and trying to corner the opposition away from the electoral battle without facing it 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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