No plan to hike VAT on diesel & petrol in Himachal : Sukhu

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu  stated in the state assembly that government is not planning to hike the value added tax on the diesel and petrol immediately as the efforts are being done to supplement the fossil fuel with more green energy to reduce the cost of operation to leverage the state economy which is currently being facing the burden of whooping debt. He said that government is trying to adopt the alternative fuel like electricity, solar energy, ammoniums and green hydrogen. He said that six corridors have been declared in the state for the green policy in the Himachal Pradesh Budget for 2023-24 where vehicles would be promoted to run on alternative fuel. He informed that in one of the corridor tender has been flouted with cost of Rs 36 Crore by electricity board to set charging stations and other facilities on Kalka -Shimla corridor while in the rest five corridors infrastructure facilities for alternative fuel to be developed in a phased manner. The Chief Minister informed  that this technology is emerging and new innovations are coming up in it with passing time. He said in reply of a supplementary query of Hansraj of BJP that there is no plan to hike the VAT on diesel and petrol right know to switched over to new technology. He said government would try to relieved the state from whooping debt by reduce the cost operation of transport in the state on the green energy. Deputy Chief Minister who also hold the portfolio of Transport stated that young member of Assembly Chetanaya Sharma raised the query about green energy state should be hailed moreover  Government showed its commitment and policy shift in its budget documents. Incentives have been announced for the green vehicles as government would provided 50 pc subsidy to switched over to green Taxi, Bus and Trucks. Recharging stations were also being brought under this policy after announcing incentive on such units in the state .Deputy CM said that after announcing to goes for green state this Government would quickly move in this direction to make policy. Rajesh Dharmani wanted to know that HRTC has deployed electric buses. He wanted to know how much saving is being done from the fuel . Mr Mukesh Agnihotri said that option is open for allowing PPP investment in the field .Replying to another query about bus rout of Cong member Neeraj Nayar said that government have issued purchase order of 100 HRTC electric buses to reduce the shortage of buses in the Chamba district. Mr Agnihotri said that buses withdrawn from the routes during Covid locked could not be resorted on ten routes of Chamba district which would be deployed as the zero value buses have been declared obsolete.  He said that in Chopal depu of HRTC post of RM and 50 per cent drivers are vacant. He said that FCA clearance of HRTC bus stand in his assembly constituency processed for clearance for which member should expedite it. He said that government would restore HRTC bus route in the priority basis which are closed on Sunday. Mr Agnihotri said that member seemed to be concerned about Patlandar bus route which would be started any time when member would want. Rajinder Rana and Sanjay Rattan of Congress wanted to restored the all HRTC routes which are not plying after Covid. 

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