Renowned homeopathic doctor Surinder Singh ended his life today at his residence

Renowned homeopathic doctor Surinder Singh, located at the local bus stand of capital Shimla, ended his life today at his residence in Krishna Nagar, near the bus stand. He did not even know when Dr. Surinder Singh went under stress. Dr. Surendra was a practitioner of Homeopathy who practiced this profession with utmost sincerity and selflessness without any greed and at very low rates he used to give medicines and examine and treat his patients. Dr. Surendra has one daughter and lives abroad. Dr. Surinder lived with his wife in Krishna Nagar near bus stand and today he took a big and painful decision to end his life. Everyone is shocked to hear the news of his death. He was a good doctor as well as a very calm and gentle person. The reasons for the suicide have not yet been ascertained, the police is probing the matter.

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