Recruitment Agency will be a transparent, fair process for appointment to Class III posts

The first meeting of the Committee constituted by the Government of Himachal Pradesh to make recommendations for a Recruitment Agency and a transparent, fair, and impartial process for appointment to all Class III posts/services was held under the chairmanship of the Deepak Sanan, IAS (Retd.) was held today. All the members of the Committee, Ajay Sharma, IFS (Retd.), Dev Raj Sharma, DDG Indian Coast Guard (Retd.), and Mukesh Repaswal (Director IT and Secretary to the Committee) were present in the meeting.

The Committee discussed the Terms of Reference in detail and decided on the course of action to fulfill its mandate. The Committee will focus on mechanisms that focus on using modern technology to simplify the recruitment process to ease the burden on the prospective candidates as well as the State Government. The Committee decided to work towards providing a holistic solution to the various issues related to the recruitment process from the time of application to the conduct of examinations and culminating in the recommendation for appointment.  The core objectives will include reducing redundancy in multiple examination processes and overall simplification of the process of recruitment. The recommendations shall also focus on maintaining impartiality, ensuring the integrity of the process of conduct of examinations while also being fiscally prudent.

To fulfill its responsibility, it was decided that in-depth background material be collected on the recruitment processes adopted by various departments/organizations engaging in recruitment in Himachal Pradesh. Details shall also be gathered about similar agencies working at the National level to understand and adopt the best practices existing across the country. It was also decided that the systems adopted in progressive States shall also be studied to provide the Committee with a comprehensive compendium of advanced methods and technologies used for the conduct of examinations which can be adopted in the State. The Committee will also consider international practices in holding large-scale examinations for merit-based selection.

The Committee expects to submit its report to the State Government in the time frame prescribed by the Government. It was decided to convene the second meeting of the Committee on 23rd May 2023 to review the progress on the various background details being collated to inform the work of the Committee.

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