Patgair Senior Secondary School denotified, Himachal Kisan Sabha protests

Himachal Kisan Sabha, Area Committee Kasumpti Senior Secondary School protest against the government on denotifying Patgahar School.

This is playing with the future of the students studying in this school. The government should have paid more attention to better education. Where schools are being denotified?

Neither Science nor Commerce subjects are taught in most senior secondary schools in the remote area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKasumpti Assembly.

The region already lags far behind in higher education. Through the struggle of the local people and the Kisan Sabha, a college has opened here. If the government’s policy continues like this, then the local people will also have to worry about the future of this college.

The reason for the migration of ordinary people towards the cities is that whichever government came to power, they gave less importance to the development of villages and more significance to the cities.

Himachal Kisan Sabha demands that the government instead of denotifying schools should pay attention to how better education can be provided in schools and fill all the vacant posts in schools immediately.

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