Leader of Opposition is doing politics over Sardar Patel University : Rohit Thakur

Hitting back hard at Jai Ram Thakur, Education Minister Rohit Thakur said that the Leader of Opposition (LoP) is doing politics over Sardar Patel University (SPU), Mandi. He said that LoP is intended to put the future of thousands of students in darkness for the mere satisfaction of his ego. The university was opened in a college building by the previous BJP government without any farsightedness and thinking about quality education, even no classroom facility for students was there nor was the university able to conduct examinations. Jai Ram Thakur opened this university just to gain political mileage and has played with the future of students.

In a press statement released here today, the Education Minister said that SPU does not have adequate teaching and non-teaching staff and students are lacking adequate facilities. Keeping in view the condition of the university, colleges affiliated with SPU have written to link them with Himachal Pradesh University so that the students of these colleges could get better educational facilities. Himachal Pradesh University has more than 500 teaching staff and sufficient non-teaching staff as well.

The Education Minister said that the present State Government neither intended to close Sardar Patel University nor this University was being closed. But eyeing on ensuing parliamentary elections, LoP has tossed the issue of SPU to exploit the regional sentiments. He said that it would have been better, if Jai Ram Thakur had developed the infrastructure before opening the university and added that it is highly regretted that he was more concerned about his political goals and not for the future of the student.

Rohit Thakur said that LoP was still playing politics of lies and even while in power, he had cheated the people of the state. Now by tossing the issue of SPU, Jai Ram Thakur was trying to divert attention of the people, but the people of Himachal were well aware of the vendetta politics of the BJP.

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