Nalanda Library, a self-study center was inaugurated in Engine Ghar Sanjauli

A new self-study center was inaugurated in Engine Ghar, Sanjauli, today. The center was inaugurated by Mr. Ankush Verma, the local councillor, in the presence of a large gathering of prominent personalities, educationists, students, teachers, and parents.

The center offers a variety of facilities for students, including comfortable study spaces, access to books and resources, regular workshops, etc. It is also equipped with high-speed internet, separate cabins, a peaceful & safe atmosphere with CCTV surveillance, and a cafeteria. The center is open to students of all ages and levels of education and is conveniently located.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Ankush Verma said that the center would provide a much-needed space for students to study and prepare for their exams. He also expressed his hope that the center would help to improve the quality of education in the area.

The center has been welcomed by students and parents alike. Many students said that they were excited to have a dedicated space to study, and parents said that they were relieved to know that their children would have a safe and supportive environment to learn in.

The center is expected to play a major role in the improvement of education in the area. It is a valuable resource for students of all ages, and it is sure to be a welcome addition to the community.

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