JICA Partners with Himachal, 460 VFDS and 900 SHGs established in seven districts of State

The enchanting landscapes of Himachal Pradesh are all set to flourish even more, thanks to an extraordinary collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). As the State Government ardently pursues its vision of transforming Himachal Pradesh into a verdant haven, JICA’s unwavering support is playing a pivotal role in augmenting the State’s green cover.

In an agrarian state like Himachal, forests hold profound significance, here the local populace relies heavily on forest resources for their livelihoods and the invaluable ecosystem services they provide. Recognizing the urgency of preserving and enriching the state’s forest wealth, particularly in the face of global concerns surrounding climate change and the quest for eco-friendly solutions, the collaboration with JICA has become a shining beacon of hope.

JICA has been actively supporting forestry and natural resource management projects in India since 1991. In Himachal Pradesh, their unwavering commitment has facilitated sustainable development by enhancing soil cover and conserving forested areas. The JICA project endeavours to apply Japan’s best forestry practices in the state, introducing cutting-edge technologies within the forest departments and fostering robust community participation. As a result, the project stands as a resounding success, contributing significantly to the State Government’s ambitious target of increasing the green cover from approximately 28 percent to over 30 percent by 2030.

The JICA-funded Forestry and Natural Resource Management Projects, implemented across seven districts of the state, have been instrumental in augmenting the lush greenery of the region. Employing advanced techniques and technological interventions, over 4,600 hectares of land have been adorned with carefully planned plantations over the past two years. Furthermore, the project places great emphasis on developing nurseries and enhancing the quality of planting stock, aiming to produce more than 60 lakh high-quality seedlings of various beneficial species for both community and forestry purposes.

In a remarkable display of collective effort, 460 Village Forest Development Societies (VFDS) and over 900 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) have been established throughout the seven districts, strengthening the joint forest management initiatives. The project also prioritizes the skill enhancement and capacity building of forest-dependent communities and field staff. With over 15,000 individuals trained in livelihood activities and forest regeneration, the project mitigates the risks posed by climate change and related disasters.Elevating Himachal Pradesh to the status of a Green State stands as a paramount goal for the current State Government, unwavering in its commitment to foster green and sustainable development. The collaboration with JICA, undoubtedly a game-changer, serves as an invaluable asset in this noble endeavour, ensuring that Himachal Pradesh remains an epitome of natural beauty and ecological vitality.

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