IIT Mandi organizes Climate Clock Assembly & Display Event, 370 participants from 55 different institutes participate

 Indian Institute of Technology Mandi successfully conducted the Climate Clock Assembly and Display Event. A total of 370 participants from 55 different institutes including various schools and colleges participated in the event. The participants were divided into 30 groups. Each group was given a hardware display kit with various electronic components. The participants were required to assemble the kit to build a climate clock, which is a ticking clock that reports how much time we are left with before Earth’s average temperature increases by 1.5 degree celsius, usually considered a point of no return and any further corrective actions will not be able to restore climate normalcy on Earth. A climate clock is a tangible symbol that visually represents the urgency of addressing climate change. The participants also gained valuable insights into effective ways to raise awareness about climate change within their school community. The participating institutions were each given an assembled climate clock and all participants received a certificate of participation.

The event speaker was Mr Sachin Kumar, a member of the Energy Swaraj Foundation, founded by Prof. Chetan Solanki, a professor at IIT Bombay. The event was organized jointly by the Yantrik club (club FA: Dr Deepak Sachan) and the Robotronics club (club FA: Dr Jagadeesh Kadiyam) of IIT Mandi, and was ably assisted by the club coordinators and the core team of both the clubs. Event chief guest was Dean Students, Dr Hitesh Shrimali from IIT Mandi.

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