Fragrance of Rhododendron buzzing Habban and Pajhota valley

These days the fragrance of Himalayan blood red Rhododendron buzzing  Habban and Pajhota valleys of Rajgarh subdivision of Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh Known as Burans or Brass in local parlance enthralling tourists and visitors as it rule the airs for almost 15 days in the spring season.  Ayurveda experts said that  Rhododendron mega flowers have number of economical and medicinal properties as it was being used by the people refreshing  juice and dishes beside having various medicines uses.  It is consider good source of Vitamin A, B-1, B-2, C, E and K . The flower have unique medical property it check the weight gain and cholesterol under control thus reduces the risk of sudden heart attack. The expert said that the Squash of Burans flowers cools the mind and being a good antioxidant, prevents skin diseases.  The chutney of flowers of Burans is very tasty, which is a surefire recipe to avoid heatstroke and nosebleeds. The consumption of flowers is also control the stomach upset or pain beside this it control the loose motion. The flower is used to doctorate houses on the festival of Baisakhi  as it was consider auspicious. The People make a garland of flowers of Burans on the Sankranti of Baishakh and first put it in the temple of their family deity and then in their homes, which is considered an indicator of prosperity. People also used it for pickles, murabbas and juices.  In Haripurdhar area of district Sirmaur, women’s self-help groups are collecting burans flowers and making squash, which has become a source of income for women in this area.  People of rural environment also bring flowers of Burans to sell in the market and people buy this flower with great fervor for medicinal work. The evergreen and broad leave plant of Burans environmental importance as its nectar and honey was not only consume by the honey bees  moreover it is fest for the small birds.  Apart from this, people keep dried burans petals which are used in chutney and other food items.  Senior citizens of the area Jai Prakash Chauhan and Sherjung Chauhan told that Burans is a tree found at a moderate altitude of 1500 to 3600 meters above sea level.  The leaves of this tree are thick in appearance and the flowers are bell-like.  This tree automatically grows in the forests, which does not require any care. Red flowers bloom on its trees in the month of March-April.  This plant grows in the shady hills and dales  mostly in sloppy cold places where the temperature dose not exceed above  20 ° C. The flower does not require much water but its blooms depends upon the severity of coldness and good spell of snow.  It was found in abundance in Himachal specially in mid and high Himalayan ranges in Shimla, Kangra, Solan, district also found in Dharamsala and Kinnaur district 

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