Hindi Diwas celebrated with enthusiasm at the Indian Institute of Advance Studies Shimla

Hindi Diwas was celebrated with great enthusiasm on Thursday at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. The scholars, officers, and employees of the institute participated with great enthusiasm in the program organized in the seminar room.

On this occasion, scholars studying at the institute and IUC co-scholars expressed their views on various topics related to Hindi. IUC co-scholar Dr. Gajendra Bhardwaj, while speaking on the topic History of the Official Language Hindi, emphasized the indispensability of Hindi in India. Highlighting the importance of the official language Hindi, scholar Dr. Prerna Chaturvedi said that Hindi is the only language in India that can be spoken and understood from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. While giving his views on the subject of the Official Language: National Language Hindi, Fellow Professor Harimohan Budholia said that only the Hindi language has the potential to become the expression and official language of the whole of India. Expressing his views regarding the official language, Professor Rajendra Bargujar said that it is the misfortune of India that despite many amendments, Hindi has not yet got the desired place. Tagore scholar Professor Mahesh Champaklal said that Hindi is enriching itself by assimilating the words of many folk languages ​​and giving them respect. National Scholar Professor Shankar Sharan expressed his views on the topic ‘Achievements of Hindi’ and said that despite all the obstacles, Hindi is being propagated at a steady pace. Hindi cinema and high-quality literature is spreading Hindi all over the world. In the program, scholars Dr. Alok Kumar Gupta, Dr. Priyanka Vaidya and Dr. Vandana Sharma enthralled everyone on the expressive power of Hindi through Hindi poems.

The program was presided over by the librarian of the institute, Prem Chand. He said that as per the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, the Director and Secretary of the Institute have gone to Pune to ensure the participation of the Institute in Hindi Diwas and the Second Official Language Conference. Therefore, the responsibility of presiding over today’s program has been entrusted to him. The Librarian said that the practical use of Hindi is continuously increasing in the institute and whatever instructions are received from the Department of Official Language of the Home Ministry and the Ministry of Education to increase the progressive use of Hindi, they are fully followed by the institute. He said that there are about 25000 books in Hindi and regional languages ​​in the institute and there are 12108 books in Hindi which are very beneficial for scholars, co-scholars, and other users doing research through Hindi and regional languages. He also said that the institute regularly publishes Hindi research magazines named Himanjali and Chetna. Apart from this, the Institute is also publishing a separate magazine of the Official Language Unit, Him Samhita, online.

Various Hindi competitions will be organized in the institute during Hindi Fortnight. During this fortnight, the original notes/drafts made in Hindi by the officers and employees of the institute during the year 2022-23 will be evaluated by a four-member committee nominated by the Director and 10 officers working in Hindi as per the norms set by the Department of Official Language will be evaluated. /Employees will be nominated to provide incentive awards.

Resident Medical Officer of the Institute, Dr. Meenu Aggarwal thanked the Director of the Institute, Professor Nageshwar Rao, and Secretary Shri Mehar Chand Negi and all the members present. The stage was conducted by Section Officer and Secretary of Official Language Vijay Lakshmi Bhardwaj. The ceremony ended with the national anthem.

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