Himachal Assembly to constitutes a committee to strengthen the institution of MLA : CM 

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu stated in the assembly on Friday that a joint committee of treasury and opposition members would be constituted to strengthen the institutions of MLA. 
The Chief Minister was giving reply to a point of order raised by Bhawani Singh Pathania. Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu stated that issues of utmost importance related to the institutions of MLA  were also issued challan when he was opposition MLA . 
” I was driving myself near Nadon and a police official issued him the speeding challan. Chief Minister said that the sub judge who issued challen to MLA was carrying designation plate on his vehicle. 

The Government would find out if a judicial officer was entitled to carry the designation plate on his vehicle.” 

The Chief Minister stated in the assembly that the judiciary is infringing the rights of MLAs. ” It is a hard fact today that rights and privileges of MLA are being curtailed within the assembly. The Chief Minister said that cabinet members are part of the executive but MLAs are not part of the executive and they represent legislature and should be empowered within the assembly secretariat first of all. ” 

Mr. Sukhu said that every legislator passes one test by winning people’s confidence time and again. However, some of the remaining members of this house for two to three decades have to pass this test to qualify for the special privileges. The Chief Minister assured the house to protect the institution of MLA and Vidhan Sabha secretariat would be strengthened.  

He said that a committee would be constituted of MLAs in wake of repeated incidents happening with MLA to protect the rights and privileges of MLAs.  He further said that it is discretion of the legislature to frame  the law. He said that the subjudge who had issued challen of MLA vehicle’s should also be made accountable and also expected to follow the traffic codes himself.  

Mr Sukhu informed that a new section 169 was added to the Motor vehicle Act and the section is within  the confines of the state government to amend the law. He said that the Government would find if any amendment could be brought  to avert such incidents with the MLAs. 

Chief Minister stated that during the chief ministership of Y S Parmar, a minister was deprived of guard of honour in front of a DIG Level officer. Mr Sukhu said that taking immediate action on the matter Dr Y S Parmar formed the new protocol of giving guards of honours. 

He said that the government would also take cognizance of the matter to strengthen the institutions of legislators and media as all of them are the party of the democratic set up and have special privileges in their own domained. He said that the issue of infringement rights of one institution to another should be taken care of by the government. 

Mr. Bhwani Singh Pathania said that he was going in his vehicle yesterday when his vehicle having covered flag roads was challenged for Rs 5000 by the Judicial Magistrate(Traffic). He said that he was carrying the same flag road on his vehicle for one and half years and he was never being challaned earlier. 

Members said that all the  MLAs and Officers carry flag roads like him on their vehicles. He said that he never carries the party flag on the vehicle as it was challanned when flag road was covered. He said that a vehicle of JM which was parked at Boileauganj was carrying big name plates on his vehicle however under motor vehicle act not such name plates and boards could be permitted. Congress member 

Inderdut Lakhan Pal said that MLAs have become untouchable today they are being deprived of everything. He said that all rules are being imposed on the MLAs. He demanded that all the flag rods and red bacon should be removed from the officers’ vehicles. 

Congress MLA Rajesh Dharmani said that he had a different opinion on this. He said that MLA become the source of pent up emotion of the society as a safety value. Officers enjoy all the powers at the cost of us. The people expressed their anger on the MLAs provided the officers are getting facilities at their cost.

Parkash Rana of BJP also supported the issue said that he was also challanned for the flag rod by slapping a fine of Rs 6000 last year. Suresh Kumar of Bhoranj said that his vehicle was challanned two days ago when he went to take ice cream. He said that the police officer who was issuing challan of his vehicle told him that it is part of a changing system. Mr Kumar said that he had parked the vehicle  within the yellow line and all other vehicles were also parked.  

Opposition Leader Jai Ram Thakur said that such issues should also be settled with the judges of the high court. Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi said that amendment has been made in the motor vehicle act and flag roads and name plate of MLA motor vehicle acts and the government should notify the special provisions for the MLAs.   

Congress member Ravi Thakur said that he had gone to meet the Chief Minister at Himachal Bhawan but police did not allow him. The police officer was informed that he is MLA but still he was not allowed to meet the CM. He said that MLA always tried to behave like a common man and he had been faced with phiscial fisking himself.

Dr. Dhani Ram Shandil also suggested that there should be special protocol for the MLAs to ensure the dignified treatment of MLA. Kewal Singh Pathania said officers move on the road carrying pilots. He said that there should be protocol for officers on how they treat the MLA. He said that Officers expect special treatment from the MLA despite the fact that they are much above in the protocol. Congress MLA from Dharmpur Chandershaikhar said that MLAs should have been speical chamber in deputy commissioner as they are being treated by the Deputy Commissioner below their ranks in the protocol. 

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