Himachal admin close to Chandertal rescue camp, evacuation for 300 tourists likely to begin any time

The State government claimed today that snow clearance machinery is about to reach Chandertal Lake rescue campsite where 300 stranded Tourists are stranding for the last five days in the Snowfall.

The official information conveyed by the spokesperson of the State Chief Minister Office to the media this morning said that The Tribal Development and Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi and Chief Paralimentary Secretary Sanjay Awasthi had given a call to Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu this morning.

A spokesperson said that state government efforts succeed this morning to clear the 25 km snowbound serpentine nearest approach Spiti road near the camp.

More than 40 member rescue operation along with snow clearance machinery and staff along with Himachal Government, Minister Mr. Jagat Singh Negi, and CPS Mr. Sanjay Awasthi have reached Chandratal this morning.

He said that it was after 18 hours of hard struggle, clearing three to four feet of snow-covered road till late at night at an altitude of 13500 to 14000 ft.

Information said that just now Mr. Jagat Singh Negi has informed the CM through satellite phone that work of evacuating the stranded passengers is going to start very soon. Now there is nothing to worry about.

The latest information said that now the stranded tourists are being brought to Losar from Chandertal. 

A government spokesperson said that the government had also sought the assistance of the Indian Airforce to help in the evacuation process but probably owing to frequent snowfall and inclement monsoon Weather Indian Armed Force had also refused to go to Chandratal.

A spokesperson said that It is one the most difficult rescue operation due to heavy snowfall and Mr Sukhu himself is having a close eye.

As it had been stated Rescue operations couldn’t be started beyond only helicopter rescue on July 11 to evacuate five persons from Chandertal as approach roads having frequent snowfall continued for the last three days.

As it was stated that snow clearance work being followed since July 10 evening but the rescue party has about 70 -80 km approach road.

It is involved SDM Kaza Harsh Negi, Tehsildar Bhumika Jain, Naib Tehsildar Prem Chand, SHO Sanjay Kumar, TAC member Veer Bhagat, Losar Mahila Mandal are handling the food arrangements along with ITBP, BRO, local people from Chhewang Lidang village, Gonpo Amit Mandala, etc. from Kulig village are included.

On July 10 SP Lahaul Spiti Mayank Chaudhry also climbed to 14400 ft Chandertal and successfully traced the campsite having 300 tourists including 25 women stranded on Chandertal glacial lake but all were safe and provided food and proper shelter. 

State government official’s report confirmed that heavy rainfall and subsequent flashflood stranded and halted as many as 24000 Tourist. 

The Government claimed that with the restoration of roads about 10000 Tourist families having children and women were evacuated from the state of Himachal Pradesh safely.

The state saw historical devastation on July 9 and 10 had the heaviest Monsoon rain and flash flood and landslides shutting down roads and other communications including the UNESCO heritage Kalka-Shimla Railway line, airlines, and Transport services. 

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