Bindal accuses CM Sukhu of failing to maintain law and order in Himachal

has leveled serious accusations against Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, claiming that his administration has failed to maintain law and order in Himachal Pradesh. 

BJP President Rajiv Bindal cited three recent incidents to illustrate the deteriorating security situation in the state.

Bindal first highlighted the case of a missing police head constable, who disappeared after a video went viral in which he accused a senior IPS officer of undue influence. 

The constable’s disappearance has raised significant concerns about internal police accountability and safety.

In another alarming incident, an Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer was found murdered near a police station in Chamba. 

The proximity of the crime scene to the police station has called into question the effectiveness of local law enforcement in preventing such serious crimes and ensuring public safety.

Additionally, Bindal referred to a third incident, though he did not provide specific details, suggesting a pattern of increasing violence and crime under CM Sukhu’s administration. 

These examples, Bindal argued, underscore a disturbing decline in the state’s security and the government’s capability to protect its citizens.

The BJP’s criticism presents a substantial challenge to the current administration, pressing for immediate action to restore law and order. 

Bindal’s statements have intensified scrutiny on Chief Minister Sukhu, demanding accountability and prompt measures to address these security issues. 

The opposition’s claims reflect growing unease among the public, who are looking to the government for swift and decisive action to ensure their safety and well-being.

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