Eight houses grounded after major landslide in Anni 

Eight houses grounded after a landslide struck the Kiran Bazar Sub Division of Anni District in Kullu on Thursday morning. 

The landslide, which occurred in the morning hours of August 24, has resulted in the complete destruction of eight houses, with an additional two houses now in danger due to the unstable terrain, located next to the new bus stand of the area.

There have been no reports of casualties or major injuries. The district administration acted promptly and evacuated the affected houses, ensuring the safety of the residents.

 The affected house owners have been identified as Gain Chand, Mahesh Kumar, Subhash Chand, Inder Chand s/o Vijay Ram, Vidya Devi w/o Harinath, Shashi Bala w/o Swatantr Singh, Suresh Kumar s/o Inder Chand, Chiranji Lal s/o Jawal Dass, Khem Chand s/o Jawal Dass, Layak Ram s/o Kheme Ram, Chuni Lal s/o Layak Ram, and Tule Ram.

Bhupender Kant Mishra s/o Lok Nath Mishra and Fakir Chand s/o Sh. Chuda Ram are the owners of the houses now in danger.

The HP State Emergency Operation Centre spokesperson expressed, “Our immediate concern is the safety and well-being of the residents affected by this unfortunate incident. 

We are coordinating closely with the district administration to provide the necessary support and assistance to those affected. Our teams are on the ground, assessing the situation and ensuring that all required measures are taken.”

Noteworthy, that assuming the danger, these houses were vacated a few days before, and therefore loss of life was averted. The incident echoed memories of the recent landslide in Krishna Nagar of Shimla.

The SEOC has informed the District Administration about the incident and is working collaboratively to manage the situation. As the rescue and relief operations unfold, the SEOC remains vigilant and continues to monitor any further developments.

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